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Our Purpose

​At jOOBOO we take on a revolutionary approach to the accessibility of a Healthy Lifestyle.

Just like laptops and smartphones replaced conventional desktop computers, our mission is to provide a compact alternative to large conventional blenders in people’s households and motivate the preparation of fresh juices, shakes or smoothies by simplifying the whole process, even on-the-go.

Our surveys have shown that the majority of people rarely use their conventional blenders due to time constraints, convenience and the need to manually deep clean each part after every blend.

The intelligently designed jOOBOO Blenders are compact in size and have an integrated self-cleaning function to help remove these obstacles, making life easier and consequently increase the frequency of blends for a healthy lifestyle.

And the best part? You can use it over and over again, to help reduce one-way plastic waste by an order of magnitude.


The Story of jOOBOO

jOOBOO was founded in 2021 with the basic need for convenience during a rough but beautiful time in the lives of our Founders Lhorie & Sladan.

Lhorie was under intense pain shortly after giving birth to their daughter Azra, in a rather complicated C-Section surgery.
Not being able to move for several days was one of the expected side-effects from the surgery but what surprised them the most was the lack of nutritious food provided by the hospital once she started to slowly recover.
At that time Sladan wished they’d brought their large conventional blender from their home, so that he could at least make a fruit or vegetable smoothie, but due to the sheer size of the base and cup, that thought quickly passed.

Sladan figured that there had to be another way, and quickly realized that they couldn’t have been the only ones in need for a convenient handheld blender that one can carry like a water bottle from A to B, instead of carrying an extra luggage for sizes like conventional blenders.

And at that moment jOOBOO was born, inspiring Sladan to find the most convenient yet powerful blender that can Blend On-The-Go whenever, wherever.

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